Peak Area Leadership in Science
Teacher Professional Development Workshops
Hub Meetings for 2013-2014

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The Peak Area Leadership in Science (PALS) group will continue our science teacher Hub Meetings for all Pikes Peak area science teachers of students in grades 6-12.  These monthly meetings are free.  Free inservice credit documentation is available through District 12 (you must provide us with a stamped, self addressed envelope) or Colorado School of Mines credit can be purchased. Credit is awarded at the end of the school year. 

The July 23rd, August 24th, Sept 14th, Oct 5th, Dec 7th, May 3rd, and June 11th all day meetings are each 0.5 credit.  Afternoon meetings (Oct 23rd, Nov 7th, Jan 15th, Feb 11th, March 12th and April 10th) are from 4 – 8 PM; it requires two of the 4-hour afternoon meetings to receive 0.5 credits. The credits accumulate for the entire school year based on your attendance, but not into the next school year. No quarter credits are given.

The dates/topics listed below are subject to change.  See our website for a detailed flyer one month prior to the next meeting.  You must submit a reservation if you plan to attend as we have limited seating available. Please, please – if you cannot attend you must cancel in advance as we have a waiting list and often we have to pay in advance for your spot.  E-mail or call Tammy Johnnie at: home phone 598-2732, cell phone 337-1552 to ask questions.  You will be able to sign up for Hub Meetings only one month at a time.  You may sign up for the next month’s Hub Meeting online on the day following the previous meeting, or, if you are present, you may sign up for the next month at the previous month‘s meeting.  

Please mark your calendars for these tentative dates/topics:

Tues, July 23 Meet bus at CMJHS to go to        Denver, Colorado Convention Center NEED, Energy and Hands-On Hydropower
Sat, Aug 24 Meet bus at CMJHS to go to Catamount Institute    Macroinvertebrates, Wildflowers, Wild Fire Ecology, Fly Fishing
Sat, Sept 21 Meet bus at CMJHS to go toGarden of the Gods and other locations  A Big Recession and Uplifting Event – of the Cretaceous    Seaway and Rise of Rockies with Steve Getty
Wed, Oct 2 Broadmoor

NOIA Offshore Energy Awareness Month Teacher Workshop         

Note: Does not qualify for CSM credit, only D12 inservice hours; You must register through NEED

Sat, Oct 5  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo          Telemetry, Bioacoustics, Tracking, African Animals
Wed, Oct 23  Cheyenne Mountain J.H.S        Writer’s Workshop, Microfauna
Thurs, Nov 7 Timberview MS     Little Shop of Physics
Sat, Dec 7 Space Foundation World Headquarters Space Foundation
Wed, Jan 15 Sand Creek H.S.       Scientific Explanations
Tues, Feb 11 Challenger Center     Challenger Center  
Wed, Mar 12 Palmer HS   Chemistry of Color
Thurs, Apr 10 Discovery Canyon Campus        The Science of Forensics
Sat, May 3 Air Force Academy Chemistry Dept  Chemistry of Everyday Things And Everything you ever wanted to know about the Periodic Table of the Elements
Wed, June 11
pending funding
Meet bus at CMJHS to go to Calhan
Paint Mines
and Serenity Springs
Serenity Springs and Paint Mines Geology, Botany, and Animal Ecology





Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 3, 2014
The Chemistry of Everyday Things
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Periodic Table of the Elements.
Credit: .5
Location: USAFA Chemistry Department
Registration: Required
Meeting Details
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June 11, 2014 Meeting is Canceled.

Classroom Opportunities

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)-

Attention AP Chemistry and other interested teachers. Expose your students to very modern chemical instrumentation and let them use it. Contact Ron Furstenau for this unique and exciting opportunity. Click here for details.



Peak Area Leadership meetings made possible by the educational funding provided by
The Mikkelson Foundation
Providing Support for Teachers to Improve Technical Knowledge and Skills.

This program has also been made possible through the United States Air Force Academy, the Challenger Learning Center of Colorado with grant funding provided by the Office of the Secretary of Defense through its National Defense Education Program (NDEP).


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